Please Do

Arrive on time; notify your supervisor well in advance if there is any problem in meeting your shift commitment
Socialize with clients during their visits to UMD
Remain friendly with and attentive to clients; be the best listener you can be
Inform a staff member at any sign of mounting tension
Seek the guidance of UMD staff if you’re not sure how to handle a situation
Respect the diversity of beliefs and faith practices of clients and volunteers
Maintain a high degree of professionalism and clear boundaries
Maintain confidentiality concerning the people we serve
Wear business casual attire (jeans are fine) when volunteering

Please Don't

Give out your last name, phone number, or other personal identification to clients
Invite clients to come home with you or offer rides to clients
Give or lend money to clients
Touch clients except in a handshake of greeting or shoulder-pat of congratulations or assurance
Conduct personal relationships with clients, including for six months following the receipt of UMD services
Ask clients any probing or personal questions
Share information on your faith or belief practices with clients or other volunteers unless asked; sway or attempt to convert clients to your specific religion or opinions
Download And SIgn Do's and Don'ts Document
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