donate food, clothing, and goods

UMD relies on $1.3 million of goods and services each year to operate the Community Shelter, Food Pantry and Clothing Closet, and Community Cafe! We all have something to offer. 

What to Give

Are you donating the "right" stuff?

To see if you have “the right stuff” that will make a difference for our neighbors in need, click the icons below. The right stuff = quick distribution to people in need. The wrong stuff slows down that process. Checking the details = being an awesome neighbor!

Lead a drive

Give stuff--together! Team up with others to donate in higher quantities
Find out how to lead a drive here

Special In Kind Donations

Contact Viki Baker for more info [email protected] or (919) 682-0538, ext. 5031.

Donation Drop-Offs

Drop off items at the front desk with the receptionist. Got more than a car trunkful? Please schedule your dropoff ahead of time. Email [email protected] or call (919) 682-0538 ext. 5031.
Urban Ministries of Durham Drop Off Location


Want to bring leftover catering? Please give us a call.

Basic Shelf Stable non-perishable Donations


-  Peanut Butter
-  Canned Meat (tuna, chicken, salmon, Vienna sausages)
-  Chili
-  Beans (canned and dried)


-  Dried Pasta
-  Canned Pasta (ravioli, spaghetti-ohs)
-  Pasta Sauce
-  Mac & Cheese
-  Hamburger Helper-Style Meal Kits

Canned Fruit & Vegetables

-  Vegetables (especially green vegetables)
-  Corn
-  Tomatoes
-  Canned Fruit
-  Applesauce

Canned Soup

-  No simple broths or cream-based soups


-  Boxed Cereal
-  Oatmeal
-  Grits
-  Pancake Mix
-  Jelly & Jam
- Coffee & Teabags

Special Diet Items

- Gluten-free products
-  No added sugar products
-  No sodium products

Baby Items

-  Baby Food, Formula, and Cereals

Snacks for Unsheltered

-  Pop-Top Canned Foods (Vienna sausages, pork and beans, etc.)
-  Cheese Crackers
-  Granola Bars


-  Rice
-  Milk (boxed or powdered)
-  Condiments (salt, pepper, mustard, hot sauce)
-  Healthy Snacks (tortilla chips, salsa, nuts, raisins, dried fruit, popcorn)
-  Crackers and Cookies

Perishable Donations

For Kitchen (Bulk Donations ONly)

-  Lunch meat
 Sliced Cheese
 Sugar Packets
 Condiment Packets
 Individual Box Juices
 Granola Bars
 Potato and Pasta Salad
Want to bring leftover catering? Please give us a call.

For food pantry

-  Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
 Yogurt (individual size)

Community Cafe Donation - Commercial Size

Bulk Items

-  Canned goods (vegetables and fruit)
-  Coffee
-  Cold Drink mix
-  Rice
-  Pasta


Donated clothes are made available in a retail setting at UMD for low-resource individuals and families seeking assistance in the Food Pantry and Clothing Closet, and to clients residing in our shelter.

Two-thirds of UMD clients are men. The remaining residents are adult women and up to nine families.

Click on titles below to learn more

Only donate clothes in excellent condition

No rips, stains, missing buttons, broken zippers, missing shoelaces, etc.

Make sure clothes are clean and ready to wear

Clothing should be laundered or dry-cleaned, neatly folded or hung, and suitable for the season

Clothing should be practical

No dressy clothing or suits, swimwear

Brand new underwear only

Must have tags or original packaging

Season-appropriate clothing

Please no out-of-season clothing

Cold Weather Clothes (Sept 15 - March)

Long Sleeve Shirts
Winter Jackets / Coats
Winter Hats

Warm Weather Clothes (March-Sept 15)


Year Round

Casual Shoes


Toiletry items are available as part of our retail experience in the Food Pantry and Clothing Closet, and they are also packaged into hygiene kits for UMD residents and unsheltered neighbors. Unopened travel-size toiletries are perfect for our hygiene kits. Full-size items are used in the Food Pantry and Clothing Closet.

Other ways to help

Volunteer to make hygiene kits
Host a toiletry drive

what we need

Bar Soap
Toothbrush & Toothpaste
Disposable Razors
Shaving Cream
Optional items: dental floss, hand sanitizer, mints, lip balm, first-aid items (no medications), q-tips, cotton balls, shower loofahs, shower caps, combs, hair brushes

Home Goods

Move-out day for clients who have secured permanent housing is cause for celebration! But for many, that stands in sharp contrast to the reality of starting over with very little. Imagine spending your first night in a new home and quickly realizing that you’re without “must haves,” items that most of us would take for granted. At UMD, all clients are provided the opportunity to “shop” from donated items for some of these housewares.


Basic Pots & Pans
Dishes and Cups (no cracks or chips)
Glasses (no alcohol logos)
Cooking and Serving Utensils
Countertop Appliances (toaster, microwave, coffee maker, etc.)

Bed and Bath

Sheets (no king size)
Bed Pillows (New in package only)
Towels & Washcloths (good condition)
Table Lamps (working with undamaged shades)
Photo of a person holding a white card with the amazon logo on it

Amazon Wish List

Crunched for time, but want to help provide stuff we need? Check out our Amazon Wish list. It’s easy! Just browse the list, add items to your cart, choose “UMD Food & Clothing Donation’s Gift Registry Address” as the shipping address, include the gift receipt so we can track your donation, and complete your order. And don’t forget, save your receipt--your gift is tax-deductible!

View amazon wish list
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