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Eviction Moratorium: How to Access Funds


Funds for rental assistance to prevent eviction based on non-payment are available. How does someone in need access them and what do the funds cover? What funds are available? NC operates HOPE funds that assist 88 counties. Twelve counties in NC, including Durham, met a threshold to manage their own distribution program. The fund in […]

Eviction Moratorium: Where Do People Go?


So, the clock is ticking. Where do people go if they are evicted due to the lifting of the moratorium? Some households will do the best they can to gain new housing, but it won’t be easy. The housing and real estate market is highly competitive right now. Terms like “scorching” and “overheated” are frequently […]

Eviction Moratorium: How Bad Could It Be?


According to housing expert Jim Parrott and economist Mark Zandi, if the eviction moratorium had ended in December 2020, 10 million American renters were behind on payments, and would have been at risk of eviction. To put that in perspective, during the Great Recession of 2008, 7 million Americans experienced foreclosure over a period of […]

Eviction Moratorium Series: The Warning Signs 


We’ve been saying it for a while…a storm is coming. “But how so?” you ask. “Isn’t the pandemic almost in the rear-view mirror now?” Logic (and our longings for normalcy) would certainly support this view. But when you start looking harder at data, trends, and observations, you begin to see a different picture. Back in […]

Storm Going and Storm’s a Coming


The storm is beginning to clear. For over a year, we’ve been caught in the churning waters of the Covid-19 pandemic. Ironically, this perfect storm has made it easier to see truths that we often ignore. We are interconnected. No man is an island. And we are only as safe as our most vulnerable neighbor. […]

COVID-19 FAQs for Volunteer Opportunities


We have responded to the uncertainties brought on by COVID-19 by continuing to provide meals through the Community Café, as food is first among all basic needs. Although we have had to temporarily suspend a regular schedule of clothing and food distribution, we are still providing those resources on an emergency basis. While safety is […]
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