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UMD Receives Durham County Commissioners Community Circle Award

News (Archived)

The Durham County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) presented the November 2010 Commissioners Community Circle Award to UMD during the November 22 evening session. UMD Board Chair, Susan Amey, and UMD Director of Programs, Peter Donlon accepted the award from Chairman Michael Page.

 In a June 4th news release, the BOCC invited community organizations to apply for consideration of the award, stating "The Commissioners Community Circle Award, based upon simple selection criteria, is presented to organizations that exhibit excellence in the areas of productivity, creativity and commitment to residents.  Recipients of the award have proven that the services they provide help to improve the lives of residents and the overall enhancement of the Durham community."

In the application, organizations are required to detail their "three most successful initiatives, positively impacting Durham residents, executed between July 1, 2009 to date."

Notable accomplishments cited in the presentation during the regular session of the BOCC on November 22, 2010

"In the last five years, UMD has experienced an increased demand to serve their target population.  Last year, UMD provided emergency shelter to more than 1200 people; a 12% increase from the previous year.  Understanding the changing needs of the economy and its clients, UMD has expanded its homeless prevention services by providing on-site food stamp registration, disability enrollments, screening to measure risk of homelessness and referrals to appropriate community support services within the continuum of care network. 

UMD recently introduced its Journey Program, which successfully moved 45 individuals from their shelter to permanent living situations between January – May 2010.  Additionally, 12 people were placed in transitional housing. 

UMD works closely with Durham County’s Department of Social Services, Cooperative Extension, Durham Center and other community partners to meet the high demand for homeless and homeless-prevention services in Durham."  

UMD is honored to receive this award!