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Imagine life on the streets. You sleep in an alley. Or in a makeshift camp squeezed in next to the freeway, an old, worn tarp the only protection from the outside elements.

Alone. Nowhere to go. Nowhere to turn. All your worldly possessions fit in a small backpack, if you’re lucky enough to own one. Maybe your son is with you. How do you feed him? Maybe your daughter is with you. How do you keep her safe? The taken-for-granted basics of the past—clean clothes, a hot meal, and a roof over your head—now seem like unattainable luxuries of the future.

The truth is, many of us may be or have been one paycheck, one traumatic event, one decision away from becoming this person. Others of us are unspeakably fortunate.

Our backgrounds and life experiences are as diverse as our ethnicity, education, and religious beliefs, but one thing is sure: we're all united in humanity. We're all neighbors, and we must help each other. That's what makes us a true community.

Your gift not only supports our work to provide the most basic human needs—food, clothing, and shelter—in a manner that affirms the dignity of all, it also helps us provide the supportive services that help many to take their first steps on their journey to permanent independence, safety, and wellness.

So unite with all walks of life in compassion, care, and concern, for each other and the good of all.

Give money today.

It's the best and quickest way to help meet our neighbors' most urgent needs.

Make a memorial or honorary gift to remember someone special or celebrate special occasions, holidays, anniversaries or birthdays. Make your gift as meaningful to you and those you love as it will be for the people you help.

Or, you can check our wish list for the stuff need most, such as canned food, kitchen supplies, towels and personal hygiene kits

Every time today that a resident stands tall and takes the next step in the journey to rebuild their lives, you'll be standing with them, offering compassion, hope, support, and encouragement. Thank you.

Donations to Urban Ministries of Durham are tax-deductible. Our Tax ID No. is 58-1505891.