UMD welcomes people of any religion or no religion, and we have no religious requirements of clients

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Bread for the Journey

The Bread for the Journey program seeks to meet the need for spiritual and pastoral care during times of homelessness and need. To be without a home is often to experience disorientation, estrangement from loved ones, loss of life’s meaning, loss of identity, depression, and anxiety. Taking steps to leave homelessness requires perseverance, hope, courage, and hard work. Likewise, these same feelings are prevalent during other times of loss and great need.

This optional program is designed to help people to endure the hardships of homelessness and the difficult lows of life, as well as to help them find the inner resources to move forward. Offerings include non-denominational prayer services, support groups and opportunities for fellowship and community building. For more information, contact our volunteer chaplain, the Rev. Susan Dunlap.